MYCOLOGY SHROOMS provides only the best experience
when ordering magic mushrooms online.

This gift of nature contains psilocybin, a psychedelic compound, that will alter your thoughts and emotions.
You’ll experience a change in the world around you when like halos around lights and objects and illusions such as tasting sounds or hearing colors.

Are Magic Mushrooms dangerous?
The risk is small, some users are accidentally poisoned from eating the poisonous variety,
others combine magic mushrooms with a substance of abuse or other medication.

How does it taste?
When taken raw it has an earthy flavor and a rubbery texture.
It’s not like the mushrooms that you use for cooking to make the food delicious like Shitake.

How do you take it?
They are taken fresh or dried out, others make tea and some mix them to make tasteful treats.

Can you get addicted?
Magic mushrooms are not addictive you can opt out without any side effects.
But like LSD you become tolerant to the effects quickly and need to take more in your next trip.

Psilocybe mushrooms can sometimes cause temporary impairment
in coordination and cognitive abilities as your optimal dosage is being determined.

For the first 4 weeks of your regimen,
do not drive or operate heavy machinery for four hours after taking a dose.
Do not drive or operate machinery if impaired or uncomfortable in any way.

Keep Away From Children.
Psilocybe is a potent medicine, even at the microdose level. Keep the capsules away from children and pets.

What are the requirements to order?
You must send a picture of Valid ID providing you are 19 years or older.


How can Micro dosing help me?
Ailments for which psilocybe microdoses can be a direct treatment:
Anxiety Disorder
Cluster Headaches
Sleep Disorders
Substance Addiction/Withdrawal

Ailments for which we may provide psilocybe microdoses to treat associated anxiety and stress:
Multiple Sclerosis
Pain – Chronic
Severe or terminal illness